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About Us

peiker AVIATRONIC is a newly founded member of the peiker group. We will bring peiker’s expertise of more than 70 years in voice and data communication technologies to the area of aviation.

Approvals & Management Systems

  • Design Organisation: EASA Part 21A Subpart J – ADOA for ETSO/STC – pending
  • Production Organisation: EASA Part 21A Subpart G – pending
  • Quality Management: EN 9100 – pending
  • Environmental Management: ISO 14001:2015 – pending

Our Competences

From the design study right through to the production-ready electronics. Our development department has decades of development know-how for various fields, such as the automotive and industrial sector, which always complies with the strictest quality specifications. To accomplish all this, we use state-of-the-art development tools and equipment for simulation, design and verification.

All our products are developed in Germany.

Products & Services

We will bring the following products, services, and technologies to the aviation sector.

  • High-end acoustics and voice transmission equipment
  • Consulting services
  • Hardware and software development
  • Connectivity
    • WiFi
    • Bluetooth and NFC
    • LTE and 5G

peiker AVIATRONIC stands for high-end acoustics and connectivity technology.


  • Member of ARINC Cabin Systems Subcommittee
  • Member of German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI)
  • Support of ARINC AeroMACS Subcommittee
  • Member of EUROCAE Communications

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